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Custom Interior & Design, LLC

An improvement service that will bring out the best in your property.


Our design improvement team uses their skills to refresh and modernize your property.

Glen is wonderful to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of our renovation from start to finish...Thank you to Glen and your staff.”

Rhonda Jones, 2016.

About Us

Custom interior & Design's goal is to maintain a focused company with minimal overhead in order to deliver the best possible product at the lowest price to our customers. Our focus is CUSTOM cabinetry, mantles, furniture, wall units, and interior mill work. Our name adequately identified our greatly expanded capabilities to create exclusive custom cabinetry for every room in the home and the office.

Custom Interior & Design, a privately held company founded in 1985 by Robert and Glen Lauzier, is located in the heart of Litchfield County in Winsted, Connecticut. The company has experienced many changes over the last 30+ years. It began in small garage and a limited number of tools in which has blossomed through our dedication to quality workmanship and unsurpassed customer service. In turn, Custom Interior & Design transitioned into a 3,500+ sq. foot building in northern Winsted, Connecticut.

Your residence is a place for nourishment, reprieve, relaxation, innovation, closeness, and leisure. Custom interior & Design will assist in making your home echo your distinctive everyday life with luxurious and exceptionally functional cabinetry for each room. Let Custom interior & Design transform your dreams, needs, tastes and sense of style into the functional home environment you've always desired.



Custom Interior & Design has over 30 years of experience working with clients who wish to rennovate their living spaces; whether it be their kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even entire home.


Custom Interior & Design is fully prepared to take on any Commercial needs a client may require. We take pride in transforming any ordinary commercial space into a work of art.  

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Custom Interior & Design will make any/all efforts possible to help customers with any custom needs they may have. If residential/commercial do not fit your needs, give us a call!