Why us?

1. Professional Pride:

Unprecidented craftmanship tell new and current clients that Custom Interior and Design cares about detail and true professionalism

2. Peace of Mind:

Continuous training brings knowledge and expertise. A genuine craftsman knows exactly what it takes to give you a high quality product.

3. Benefits:

Custom Interior & Design will evaluate your site carefully. We can draw all the pieces of your project puzzle together which disallows you from getting bogged down in details that can throw your planning off track. You’ll be free to envision, while the designer thinks through all the measurements, material coordination and construction logistics.

4. Customer Care:

Custom Interior and Design is committed to, some may even say “obsess over”, ensuring the customer’s success. Our name says it all – CUSTOM – and we strive to live up to that promise every single day, with every single customer. We know how costly it can be if a product arrives late or falls short of our standards and yours. That’s why we manufacture ourselves to the highest standards imaginable. In addition, we maintain control of our products all the way to the customer’s job site. It simply wouldn’t make sense to leave any part of the process to chance or to outsiders.

When we tell a customer what to expect and when, they can take it to the bank. Homebuilders and distributors see too many optimistic estimates and empty promises. Custom Interior and Design will make sincere estimations of what we can do, and be forthright with our customers, set sensible timelines, then endure the obstacles to do what it takes to fulfill our promise. In this business, nothing less will do.

5. Investing in your future:

Wise home-owners think about "return on investment." For example, a typical interior upgrade such as new kitchen cabinets that offer a buyer modern convenience, ample storage, functional design, style, safety and low maintenance are likely to increase the value of your home and give you more return on your investment (it is estimated in most cases to be, on average, about 81-95 percent of the initial cost). Therefore, designing and maintaining a beautiful kitchen pays you now in personal satisfaction and in resale value down the line. Quality craftmanship matters.

We are Award Winning


The award was prevented to us in honor of Kent School (Located in Kent, CT.) For their Auditorium/Music Project. The award presented to us was best in show. Recieving the award was an absolute honor.